Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Time Out New York Illustration

I recently had the privilege to illustrate the most informative and relevant article any of us will read all year. I speak, of course, of Time Out New York's guide to the Best By-The-Hour Hotels! If you've ever needed a few discrete hours away from prying eyes, and the harsh, judgmental rays of the afternoon sun, this list covers all the essential information. So what better way to sell this invaluable resource than a picture of two people going at it on a vibrating, heart-shaped bed?

Seriously though, this was an awesome assignment, and I really hope to get more of these Sex and Dating columns in the future!


o'reilly ink said...

Great job! Congrats! :)

KyleTherrien said...

This is sweet. I think that the hands might be flipped. Good either way though.

Michael said...

Good job