Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hauntingdon Flyer

Here's a quick postcard I did for my neighborhood's Halloween block party. This was my first opportunity to really meet the neighbors, so I definitely had to make it cool. I wanted to do something kid friendly, but not too watered-down and boring. I've also been getting a lot of practice drawing cars at work, so a Groovy Goolies Saturday-morning-cartoon style seemed like a really fun thing to try out. I'd love to spend a few more hours really making something awesome with this drawing, but alas, time was really of the essence with this one.

The event is a family friendly affair, so if you've got kids, and you don't think they're old enough for Fell's Point yet, there's some good trick-or-treating to be had in Remington!

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Emprade said...

Really nice job !!!!