Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ruder Than You

I was going to start in with a giant screed about the sorry state of graphic design in the ska scene today, but the more I wrote, the more embarrassing and misguidedly self-important it sounded. So I'll narrow it down to a few quick rules:

1. Keep the checkerboards to a minimum. A little accenting is fine here and there, but row, after row, after row of the stuff? Really fucking ugly.

2. Likewise trumpets and clipart dancing guys. Unless you're gonna class it up and go all vintage with it, are they really necessary? We know there's gonna be dancing. Maybe even a little trumpet action. Might as well go the full nine yards and slap a treble clef on there. Cuz, ya know, there's gonna be music.

3. Anime characters. What's up with that?

I know pleas for originality sound kinda hypocritical coming from a guy who just made a poster featuring scooters, rude boys, and skinhead girls, but I guess my point is, aesthetics count. I've been a ska fan for long time, and I'd really like to see designers step up and give the scene some much needed dignity.

I'd still like to go back and put a few more hours into this piece, but I've got a pretty full plate at the moment, and it's time to move onto new projects. See you soon!


Jordan said...

I Love This Poster.

Jeff Lance said...

Thanks! My opinion on it has been waffling a bit, so it's nice to hear that.