Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scooters! Zip-a-Tone! Limited Color! Oh, My!

Every semester, I probably only posted about 1/10th the projects I actually did on this blog. Many times I would simply get too close to a project, and all I could see were mistakes. Dozens of pretty okay pieces are just sitting on my desktop because of this, and many will continue to never see the light of day.

Upon review however, a few of these pieces, while perhaps not my greatest work, are definitely not as bad as I remember them. These beer labels I made for Professional Practice class are an example of that. I had wanted to explore themes and imagery that I planned to incorporate further into my style, but other projects managed to creep up on me, and I ended up rushing through all three in only a couple days. I was initially quite frustrated that I didn't make the definitive portfolio piece with these ones, but now I see that they do actually accomplish some of what I set out to do. They could probably use a few more hours to really tighten up, but I've got posters to finish, so I'll accept these as is.

Besides, beer labels are only 3x5" anyway. How much detail do they really need?

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