Monday, April 27, 2009

Agh! One Week Left!!

It is amazing how quickly this semester has flown by. It's all over after the 8th, but it's gonna be hell until then. Still, I've been feeling pretty guilty about my complete negligence in updating this thing, so here are some quick images and news briefs until I can sit down and properly collect my thoughts.

• is finally online. While this blog will continue to be my primary source for communication, the site features a pretty nifty gallery of finished artwork, full contact information, and ultimately, a store where I can sell prints, paintings, swag, and anything else I may be able to wring a buck out of. Check it out here.

• I'm currently in the process of putting together mailers, portfolios, resumes, and everything else I'm gonna need to step out into the real world. Above is an example of the promotional mailer I will be sending out shortly. In related news, I thought I'd jump on board the self-publishing bandwagon and get my portfolio printed up at I'm quite pleased with the results. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get the chance. In the meantime, click on the link to check it out at their bookstore. I assure you, it looks a lot better than the offensively low-res preview.

• Thank you to everyone who came out to the student art sale last weekend. It was a pleasantly successful weekend, and as a result, I am almost sold out of Tickle My Elmo silkscreened prints. If anyone out there would still like to get a hold of one, send me an e-mail. Hurry, supplies are limited!

• A Surfer on Acid is a cocktail made of Jagermeister, coconut rum, and pineapple juice. The illustration above is my own, very literal interpretation. Consider it a companion piece to my Surf Seagulls illustration, Dark Star Orchestra poster, and Prairie Fire tequila label.


Jordan said...

Awesome man, I went to your site, looks really good!
Finish strong man!

See you soon.

Angie Andrews said...

I looked at your site! Looks really good.

Brian Elliott said...