Friday, February 20, 2009

Surfin' Bird

This one was a senior illustration assignment. Everyone in the class picked a letter, then got assigned 4 words that begin with that letter to incorporate into a composition of our own design. My words were Sushi, Seagull, Spider, and Surfboard. Turning them all into a Saturday morning cartoon seemed like the obvious choice. Doesn't it?

My first few thumbnails had pretty generic looking seagulls, and a very bland color palette with blue skies, green mountains, and cream colored sand. Very boring. I decided I needed to make this a far more badass kids' cartoon, one filled with low brow art, California surf culture, and references to 1960's German monster movies. The Surf Seagulls were born!


Dave Groff said...

fantastic assignment, wow are you ever lucky to have such a prof with such keen insight to give you this!!
Seriously... you did a great job.

Jeff Lance said...

Haha. Thanks!