Sunday, December 7, 2008

Space Bar Final

...and here's the final, finished about 9 hours after my last post, and just before my 12:30 class. So unfortunately, this one was a bit of a rush job. With more time, I could've made this one a bit stronger, but overall I'm pretty pleased with it. The assignment was to illustrate a vodka poster with the subject of a futuristic hipster bar. Whenever I think of the future, I think of the sixties, so I looked to artists like John K, Daniel Clowes, and Brandon "Ragnar" Johnson for inspiration, which I suppose is not too different from anytime I need inspiration, really.

I had some type on this piece originally, but it felt like an afterthought, so I removed it. It's a nice change of pace to see a drawing of mine that doesn't serve to support large chunks of text. Nothing but pure illustration.


TM paint said...

Good coloring!!!!

Lunchbox said...

I dig it the most of your recent stuff. Limited pallet always works well.
I dig the Professor Zaius pop in there. Very Venture Brothers of you...
Hey, how do you do your benday dots?