Sunday, October 26, 2008

Punk Rock Girls

I just realized it's been about 2 weeks since I last posted. I do many projects a week, but lately nothing has really struck me as interesting enough to post. So, to fill the void, here is some character design homework from the last week. We had to draw a character, put a graphic element behind them, then try 5 different color schemes. Then, we were told to put that character into 5 different time periods: medieval, old west, present, future, and one more of our choosing. I think my wild card time period is pretty obvious.

Everyone else in the class was able to adapt their character into various warrior classes through the ages-- old west gunfighters, medieval knights, etc., but I had a really hard time translating disaffected youth into different time periods. Rather than stretch her into some battle-hardened femme fatale like so many other classmates, I resolved the assignment through anachronism. Like that recent Marie Antoinette movie, or Dirty Dancing, my character, through her incongruous style and modern sensibilities, represents the timelessness of the teenage experience... or some such crap. In reality, Roxy's brand of jaded, postmodern youth never really existed back when kids had real problems, like polio.

I dunno if anyone can read it, but that's a Woody Guthrie reference on the lute. How punk rock is that?