Friday, October 3, 2008


Rose is an intrepid World War 1 flying ace, and leader of a ragtag squadron of underdog biplane pilots. She is fearless and headstrong, with a passion for justice.

Her foil is Percival, the arrogant and chauvinistic star of the flying world. He's the ringleader of the old boy's club, and he's not about to let some young, upstart girl steal his thunder.

This was a character design assignment. We had to design a character, then a female counterpoint. We also had to show that we understood form in an organic sense, angular sense, and then a combination of the two. It was a fun departure from the usual "draw 60 hands in different poses" kind of assignments we've been getting lately. There isn't really much to say about these. There is no real backstory to the characters, aside from the brief biography, personality traits and relationship I gave them while I was drawing them. This was really just another opportunity to indulge my love of old-timey stuff.

I'm almost done with another poster. It should be up very soon.


Robin said...

Fix that button, Jeff!

Jordan said...

Wow these are really awesome!