Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Updates!

I was going to write a post apologizing for the prolonged lack of updates, and lament not having any new material to show, but then I realized I've been sketching people out in public almost nonstop for 3 weeks! I must have over 25 pages chock full of brand new life drawings! So I've decided to turn over a new leaf, everyone. From now on, I'm going to update once a week with sketches I've drawn at bars, parks, pubs, classrooms, and taverns around town. I will also be posting my usual posters, projects, and sexy ladies of course, so this semester should be pretty exciting for anyone who's into that sort of thing.

Now I'm off to finish some character design class homework. I've got a few projects almost completed, so stay tuned. They'll be up very shortly!


Robin said...

Thinks she's too smart for her major, eh? What exactly are you trying to imply, dear?

Jeff Lance said...

I just had to make some shit up. Actually, she was doing homework for her fashion class and didn't seem very into it.