Friday, August 22, 2008

Alice Cooper

I'd say the scariest part of this picture is Alice Cooper's horrible back-swing! Rimshot.

I had some weird moral quandaries while making this poster. I knew I wanted to play up the Alice Cooper golf celebrity angle, and playing with a severed head seemed to fit his act perfectly, but I've never been a big fan of the slasher movie, violence-against-women-as-entertainment thing. I tried using male heads, skulls, and various shrunken heads, but none of them seemed very Alice Cooper. Shrunken heads might work for a Cramps poster, but Alice has a distinct history of trashing mannequins and baby dolls. I needed more context.

My solution was to make the woman's head as garish and goofy as possible. A dumb grin, caked-on-makeup, and blank eyes helped steer the image away from the scared, murder-victim look that I couldn't bring myself to draw. Stylistically, however, I just had to go with the Grindhouse/exploitation cinema aesthetic. The allure of retro is simply too appealing.

School starts Monday. Hopefully updates will become more frequent.