Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Old News

Finally, after two weeks of calling Time Warner and Apple tech support, I am finally back online. Seems a power surge burned out both my ethernet port and my modem, despite Time Warner's repeated insistence that my connection "looked great from [their] end." So as a result, I've been out of the loop for a while now, and I've got quite a bit of posting to do to catch up.

The first piece of news to filter in once I finally got reconnected with the outside world was that television journalist Tim Russert had died. So as a tribute of sorts, I thought I would post a drawing I did of the bitter election rivalry between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I drew this near the end of last semester as a final project for my sophomore design class. I know it's pretty irrelevant news at this point, but I had been meaning to post this for a while. Better late than never, right?

The image is a parody of George Bellow's Stag at Sharkey's. That's Tim Russert playing the role of referee between the battling bureaucrats (or perhaps pugilistic politicians?). Surrounding the ring are the various prominent and scandal-ridden figures that have popped up during the whole media frenzy. A Pennsylvania coal miner and a gun lovin', mullet-sportin' redneck help to give a sense of setting to the scene.

I've got some more polished looking stuff coming up, I promise!

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Mike Puncekar said...

That is one hell of a drawing! Really really liking it.