Thursday, May 1, 2008

Promowest Poster Revealed!

As I begin my sprint for the semester's finish line, I will begin to post more and more of my projects. I've gotten quite a few done already, and I still have a few to go. It's been a hectic few weeks, but the end is in sight and soon I shall be relaxing in sunny Ireland!

I have finished the first round of posters for my Promowest design internship. For those who don't know, this internship is basically an unpaid freelance assignment. I show up once a week to meet with the art director, he okays the design, then I come back next week with changes. It may seem thankless, but what it lacks in pay, it more than makes up for in free concerts. I get to see Reverend Horton Heat next week for free!

This is the first poster, and the second will be posted in a bit.


blaine said...

Nothing like an evening with the Rev! Best of the evening? Nurture My Pig!

Jeff Lance said...

Haha, I look forward to that.