Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ad and Graph

Here is a look at both the sketch, and the (near) final version of a print ad for my Advertising and Graphic Design class. I wanted to get real hip with this assignment, so I chose to do ads for Crosley brand portable turntables. I tried my hand at a cool, Adrian Tomine style, which I suppose wasn't a huge stretch from what my usual style, but I think it works pretty well. There are 2 more ads in this series, and they shall be posted as soon as I get em done.


Lunchbox said...

This series is great and this is my fave. Just a great concept. Good mix of now with then.

Jeff Lance said...

Thanks, man. I dig the retro shit, as you can tell. Your work has a sort of retro cartoon feel to it as well. I especially dig the deputy dog and the funky cat. Keep up the good work!